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Te Hiringa Trust & Business Promotions Ltd was established to support the growth and development of Māori SME’s and Māori owners of collective assets.

We favour a proactive approach of engagement with Māori business owners, industry sectors and regional economic interests by hosting three products:

  • Te Tai Tokerau Māori Business Awards
  • Matariki Future Makers
  • Destination Tai Tokerau

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What we do

Tai Tokerau Māori Business Awards

Māori Business contributes significantly to the New Zealand economy. This is a Te Tai Tokerau biennial event hosted by the Trust to celebrate Māori in Business achievements and showcase Māori Business Excellence.  A Black-tie event, the first of which was held in 2012.

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Matariki Future Makers

Participants gain access to, and insights of, a team of specialists including: legal, banking, financial, creative marketing & branding, business systems, tourism, land, planning and more.

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Destination Tai Tokerau

A destination brand to promote the region as a travel destination of choice and a platform to showcase authentic Māori business product and service experiences.

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