Destination Tai Tokerau

Destination Taitokerau

A destination brand to promote the region as a travel destination of choice and a platform to showcase authentic Māori business product and service experiences.

Te Hiringa key objectives within this scope of work are:

  • To extend the reach Taitokerau can achieve as a destination choice through targeted marketing activity alongside other partnered initiatives.
  • To extend the reach Māori businesses have with trade distributors offshore, nationally and regionally over and above their individual business marketing activity.
  • To showcase dynamic Māori whānau-hapu-iwi Taitokerau experiences that are indigenous, authentic and innovative.
  • To establish a group of exemplar product and service experiences from Taitokerau.
  • The promotion of product and service experiences as part of brand “Destination Taitokerau”.

Destination Taitokerau brand has the potential to be part of a Taitokerau Māori Tourism marketing and promotions product. Te Hiringa will “lead” Destination Taitokerau alongside their existing Taitokerau Māori Business Awards and Māori Future Makers kaupapa.


The logo represents a compass (always pointing north) as highlighted with the letter N in “DESTINATION” and the northern reference point of the compass.

The whakairo at the centre of the compass is Te Ika A Maui – The Great Fish of Maui or more commonly known as the North Island of NZ (note the tail to the north).

The tohu within the whai is a Mangopare (hammerhead shark), this tells the story of our journey and settlement of the Islands fished from the depths of Te Moana-nui-a-Kiwa by our ancestor Maui-tikitiki-a-Taranga. This epic Journey of our ancestors throughout the entire Pacific region also represents man’s final journey of discovery over the vast expanse of Papatuanuku, for the rest of mankind to follow. The mangopare has also become a tohu of courage, strength and growth.

The logo was developed by Poutama Hetaraka with support from Big Fish Creative.

NB. This is Matauranga Tuku Iho (knowledge handed down to a select few) and must be treated with respect.